Policy for samples and substances

If a proposal is successful, after scheduling, the Main Proposer will be requested to confirm the samples or substances to be used in the experiment by the A-form generated in the User Portal of the European XFEL (UPEX) among those mentioned in the original proposal.

Unilateral changes in the samples or substances or additional ones not mentioned in the original proposal are not acceptable. If, for serious reasons, the planned samples or substances are not available for the experiment and others need to be used, users must inform European XFEL (XFEL.EU) of this situation and request an authorization to replace a sample or substance by contacting the User Office in writing (useroffice@xfel.eu) providing details. Under normal circumstances, this should happen at the stage of registration of the user group, four weeks before the experiment, and, in any case, not later than two weeks before the experiment. The XFEL.EU Management Board will decide on the case after approval by the Safety and Radiation Protection (SRP) group and a technical assessment by the instrument group supporting the experiment. The proposers will be informed about the outcome of the change request as soon as possible.

The following detailed information will be needed for the assessment of your request for each new sample:

  • Sample/substance name
  • Sample description
  • Quantity (mg or ml)/size
  • Nature/state
  • Container
  • Usage
  • Safety information MSDS or equivalent (as PDF)

If the information below is not contained in the MSDS, it needs to beprovided separately:

  • Reception and storage requirements
  • Usage requirements
  • Associated risk