Call for expressions of interest for rapid access COVID-19 related research opportunities

The European X-Ray Free-Electron Laser Facility (European XFEL) would like to offer support to the global campaign against the novel Coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, by offering specific and rapid access to the resources of the facility for this purpose.

The call for expressions of interest in rapid access to European XFEL research resources closed on 17 June 2020. Expressions of interest received after the deadline will still be considered on an ongoing basis, however, rapid access to beamtime cannot be guaranteed. Please click here to go to the short expression of interest electronic form.



A dedicated online information meeting, hosted by the European XFEL User Organization, took place on 09 June 2020. Video and documentation about the event are available here:

Online Event: COVID-19 research opportunities & call for rapid access expressions of interest at European XFEL


In this specific COVID-19 related research framework, possible options include:
-    The X-ray instruments of European XFEL can be used to address biology, chemistry and materials science questions associated with the novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, and related treatment, diagnostics and infection prevention.
Beamtime will be reserved for rapid access to selected COVID-19 related research projects in the second half of 2020.
More information on research at all European XFEL scientific instruments, addressing additional scientific areas, such as femtochemistry, investigations of atoms, molecules, clusters and gas-phase chemistry, hard and soft condensed matter, is available here.
-    The European XFEL user laboratories offer unique possibilities in terms of protein production, crystallization, sample preparation and quality control in biology, chemistry and material science. Information on available facilities can be accessed through this link.
-    Data analysis services are available for crystallography data
-    Know-how on nano- and micro-crystal delivery for experiments with XFEL beams in order to reduce consumption of sample as well as enabling work towards different mixing conditions.

Samples containing active viruses cannot currently be examined at European XFEL.

All expressions of interest will be considered and followed up.


Inquiries can be addressed to Sakura Pascarelli (, scientific director for hard X-ray instruments, Serguei Molodtsov (, scientific director for soft X-ray instruments and Sample Environment and Characterization, or Adrian Mancuso (, leading scientist for the SPB/SFX instrument.

Expressions of interest received after the deadline of 17June 2020 will still be considered on an ongoing basis, however, rapid access to beamtime cannot be guaranteed.