Opportunities for microfluidic devices at Free Electron Lasers Workshop

In the Microfluidics Workshop (15 June 2017), the European XFEL community discussed the benefits that microfluidics could bring into sample environments at the facility's instruments, allowing new experiments to be performed and leading to new scientific questions. A broad spectrum of devices, manufactured using several techniques from various materials and for different scopes, was presented. Talks and discussions promoted an exchange of information and expertise, showing the potential of tools developed by microfluidic experts for experiments at the European XFEL and identifying the key points that can improve sample environments for liquid jet experiments.

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Opportunities for microfluidic devices at Free Electron Lasers Workshop participants

Workshop info


  • Welcome to European XFEL

    Serguei Molodtsov, European XFEL

  • Microfluidics at European XFEL

    Rita Graceffa, European XFEL

  • Overview of the European XFEL and the SPB/SFX Instrument: Opportunities for microfluidic sample delivery

    Adrian Mancuso, European XFEL

  • Cryogenic jet targets for high repetition rate experiments at FEL and high power laser facilities

    Sebastian Göde, European XFEL

  • Glass-based microfluidic injectors

    Daniel DePonte, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory

  • Rigid material for photolithography based microfluidics

    Daniel Langley, La Trobe University