XFEL: European XFEL takes part in scientific delegation to Armenia

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European XFEL takes part in scientific delegation to Armenia

Closer connections for X-ray science between Hamburg and Armenia

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Armenian President Armen Sarkissian greets DESY Director Helmut Dosch and scientific delegation from European XFEL and DESY. Copyright: Office to the President of the Republic of Armenia

From 9 – 13 October, a delegation of scientists from DESY and European XFEL visited research facilities in Yerevan, Armenia. The goal of the trip was to strengthen already existing scientific collaborations, and together explore new research opportunities and possibilities. During the visit two letters of intent were signed in the fields of accelerator physics, particle and astrophysics as well for the support and promotion of young scientists.

A highlight of the trip was a meeting with the Armenian President, Armen Sarkissian. During his visit to DESY in Zeuthen in 2018, the President issued an invitation to DESY Director Helmut Dosch to visit Armenia. In addition, a reception for Armenian research partners and members of the DESY delegation was held in the capital city Yerevan at the invitation of the German Ambassador.

Research facilities in Armenia have long had connections to the Hamburg area. Scientists from the CANDLE Synchrotron Research Institute in Yerevan, for example, have worked closely with European XFEL partner DESY on several projects including the design and modelling of accelerator and magnet structures at European XFEL.

A delegation of scientists from DESY and European XFEL visit the CANDLE Synchrotron Research Institute in Yerevan during a trip to Armenia. Copyright: CANDLE SRI

European XFEL scientific director Serguei Molodtsov was enthusiastic about the trip and said, “It was a great pleasure to visit Armenia and learn more about the exciting research being done there. Our colleagues at CANDLE are currently doing some very interesting research and development including studies of biological samples and designing more compact and efficient accelerator modules. This type of research and development is extremely interesting for the future of European XFEL. We look forward to working closely with scientists at CANDLE.”