Science Programme

Key Research Areas

  1. Nonlinear photon-matter interaction
  2. Photoionization dynamics in intense external fields
  3. Ultrafast imaging of gas-phase photochemistry
  4. Photo-induced dynamics in large systems
  5. Diffraction imaging experiments
  6. Special developments
    1. Variable polarization
    2. Two-color operation
    3. Attosecond XUV pulse generation

Performances of SASE3 undulator and scientific applications:

High XUV intensities

> 1015 W/cm2

Non-linear phenomena

Short pulses

2 – 100 fs

Ultrafast dynamics

Soft X-rays

260 eV – 3 keV

Element- and site-specific phenomena

High photon flux

> 1012 photons/pulse

Processes with small cross sections in dilute targets

High repetition rate

27000 pulses/s

Coincidence experiments

Variable polarization

linear & circular

Dichroic effects

Spatial coherence     


Coherent diffractive imaging