Early User Workshop

12.-13. February 2018

The SQS Early User Workshop addressed potential users that consider submitting a proposal for the SQS instrument in one of the first calls for proposals. About one hundred scientists from around the world took part in the event and discussed actively their ideas for future experiments at the SQS instrument.

On the first day, presentations from the SQS scientists and other European XFEL groups informed on the specific instrument and machine operating conditions expected for the Early User Experiments between November 2018 and June 2019. These parameters can be found on this website under ‘Instrument’, and the presentations from the workshop are available below.

On the second day, three discussion rounds focused specifically on first experiments in the three experimental stations, the Atomic-like Quantum Systems (AQS), the Nano-size Quantum Systems (NQS), and the SQS Reaction Microscope (REMI). Several suggestions for so-called community proposals have resulted from the individual discussion rounds. These are intended to allow a large number of scientists to become familiar with the European XFEL and the SQS instrument at the very early stage of operation.

Community proposals are open to all interested scientists, i.e. also to people who could not attend the workshop. Note that they do not have granted beamtime though, since they have to pass the evaluation of the European XFEL Proposal Review Panel (like all proposals). Moreover, participation in a community proposal does of course not exclude the submission of individual proposals!

For more further questions about the expected parameters and instrumentation in the first call, if you consider submitting a proposal, or if you are interested in participating in a community proposal, please contact Michael Meyer.

  • Status of European XFEL and SASE3

    Serguei Molodtsov

  • Day-one operation parameters for SASE3

    Harald Sinn

  • Layout and status of SQS instrument

    Michael Meyer

  • Atomic-like Quantum Systems (AQS) endstation

    Alberto de Fanis

  • Nano-sized Quantum Systems (NQS) endstation

    Yevheniy Ovcharenko

  • Reaction Microscope (REMI) endstation

    Markus Schöffler

  • X-ray beam transport and focussing optics

    Tommaso Mazza

  • Laser infrastructure and timing diagnostics

    Patrik Grychtol

  • Control, DAQ, management and analysis

    Thomas Baumann & Hans Fangohr

  • Life as a European XFEL user

    Silvia Bertini