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Instrument SPB

Single Particles, clusters, and Biomolecules (SPB): Structure determination of single particles—atomic clusters, biomolecules, virus particles, cells

The SPB instrument aims at the investigation of 2D and 3D structures of single particles in the gas phase. Scientific areas of application are materials sciences, nanomaterials and structural and cell biology.

Experiments utilize scattering of coherent X-rays and detecting the coherent diffraction pattern. Examples of particles are single biomolecules, functional units of cells forming ensembles of biomolecules, entire cells or microorganisms, but also materials science relevant particles like nanocrystals or atomic clusters. In principle an atomic resolution of better than a nanometre is aimed for in the experiments in order to retrieve the structural information necessary to investigate function.

Conceptual Design Report

Technical Design Report

SPB group

  • Adrian Mancuso (group leader)
  • Richard Bean
  • Gannon Borchers
  • Klaus Giewekemeyer
  • Masoud Mehrjoo
  • Marc Messerschmidt
  • Steffen Raabe
  • Tokushi Sato
  • Patrik Vagovic
  • Chunhong Yoon

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