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Instrument HED

High-Energy Density science (HED): Investigation of matter under extreme conditions using hard X-ray FEL radiation

The HED instrument aims at the investigation of matter under high energy density conditions. High energy density refers here to about or more than 0.1 mJ of energy stored in a X-ray typical volume of (10 μm)3. Scientific areas of application are plasma physics, planetary physics and matter under extreme conditions.

The instrument utilizes combination of intense, ultrashort X-ray pulses with high-energy optical laser pulses. Generation of HED states can be achieved both by X-ray or optical lasers pulses. Probing using both techniques is foreseen. X-ray techniques to be applied are various kinds of diffraction (Bragg, powder, amorphous), inelastic scattering and spectroscopy. In spectroscopy the use of X-ray emission spectroscopy (XES) is rather straight forward, while techniques requiring tuning the wavelength of the incident radiation to and around specific transitions in the plasma will require a level of accelerator performance not to be expected for initial operation.

Conceptual Design Report

Technical Design Report

HED group

  • Ulf Zastrau (group leader)
  • Karen Appel
  • Motoaki Nakatsutsumi
  • Alexander Pelka
  • Ian Thorpe

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