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At the European XFEL, scientists can make use of several sophisticated instruments to carry out their experiments.

The instruments are optimized for particular purposes. Each experiment requires light with special properties, such that the instruments are permanently assigned to the different light sources (beamlines) of the European XFEL. The imaging of single particles for instance calls for radiation with especially short wavelengths, whereas the investigation of small objects in strong fields necessitates a high intensity and longer wavelengths.

tiny structures ultrafast processes extreme states light source
Ultrafast coherent diffraction imaging of single particles, clusters and biomolecules: structure determination of single particles (atomic clusters, biomolecules, virus particles, cells), serial femtosecond crystallography
x x SASE 1
Femtosecond X-ray experiments: time-resolved investigations of the dynamics of solids, liquids, gases
x SASE 1
Materials imaging & dynamics: structure determination of nanodevices and dynamics at the nanoscale
x x SASE 2
High energy density matter: investigation of matter under extreme conditions using hard X-ray FEL radiation, e.g. probing dense plasmas
x x SASE 2
Small quantum systems: investigation of atoms, ions, molecules and clusters in intense fields and non-linear phenomena
x x SASE 3
Spectroscopy & coherent scattering: Electronic and atomic structure and dynamics of nanosystems and of non-reproducible biological objects using soft X-rays
x x SASE 3