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Project Board

The Project Board (PB) is the prime project management authority of the European XFEL facility construction project.

Its objectives, members, rules and procedures are given by the charter of the European XFEL Project Board.


All project entities, in particular all work packages, are represented by the members of the Project Board:

  • Massimo Altarelli (Co-Chair, European XFEL Project Leader)
  • Claudia Burger (Administrative Director of the European XFEL GmbH)
  • Tobias Haas (Photon Systems Coordinator)
  • Markus H√ľning (Technical Coordinator)
  • Torsten Limberg, Winni Decking (Machine Layout Coordinators)
  • Serguei Molodtsov (Work Package Representative of WPs 72, 74, 76, 79, 85, 86)
  • Andreas Schwarz (Work Package Representative of WPs 31, 41-45, 71, 75, 76)
  • Thomas Tschentscher (Work Package Representative of WPs 73, 78, 81-84)
  • Hans Weise (Co-Chair, Coordinator of the European XFEL Accelerator Consortium, Cold Linac Coordinator)
  • Riko Wichmann (European XFEL Project Office Leader)

Project handbook

The project handbook describes organizational aspect of the European XFEL facility construction project which is under direct supervision of the XFEL Project Board.

The core handbook and supporting documentation like the charter and the rules of procedure can be found here.