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Work package group 3 meetings

Schedule for the weekly WPG3 meetings
Time Tuesdays, 14:30 to 15:30
Location Building XHQ, room E1.173


21 March 2017
No Meeting

14 March 2017
Jia Liu: Design and implementation of the 'timing-tool'

07 March 2017
Steffen Hauf: Status and information on KARABO-2

28 February 2017
Bruno Fernandes/Patrick Gessler: XFEL timing system and its implementation

21 February 2017
Alexander Britz/Joachim Schulz: Highlights from MPG Ringberg meetings on Science with FELs

14 February 2017
Jan GrĂ¼nert: Photon diagnostics status

07 February 2017
Markus Ilchen: Commissioning of Highly Intense, Circularly Polarized X-rays at LCLS

31 January 2017
Alberto de Fanis: The electron time-of-flight spectrometer(s) of the SQS instrument

24 January 2017
No Meeting

17 January 2017
Guido Palmer: Test results of frequency conversion of PP laser output

10 January 2017
Bolun Chen (CAEP): A single shot spectrometer for HED

27 December 2016 - 03 January 2017
Winter break