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Work package group 3 meetings

Schedule for the weekly WPG3 meetings
Time Tuesdays, 14:30 to 15:30
Location Building AER19, room 3.11


07 July 2015
Diego Arbelaez, LBL Bekeley: Undulators for LCLS II

30 June 2015
Viktor Lyamayev: Instrument beam stop for SPB/SFX and HED instruments

23 June 2015
Natalia Gerasimova: Photon beam loss monitors

16 June 2015
Patrik Vagovic: Update on implementation of CRL focusing for SPB/SFX

09 June 2015
Carsten Deiter: Update on sample scanner

02 June 2015
No meeting

26 May 2015
Wei Lu, TUB: The Split and Delay Unit for MID

19 May 2015
No meeting

12 May 2015
Richard Bean: The SPB_SFX x-ray mirror system

05 May 2015
Suren Abeghyan: Undulator systems database

28 April 2015
No meeting

21 April 2015
No meeting

14 April 2015
Jan Torben Delitz: SCS High Quality floor - specifications and experiences of the installation

07 April 2015
Thomas Tschentscher: The European Cluster of Advanced Laser Light Sources (EUCALL) project

31 March 2015
Andreas Galler: Report from the LCLS-II science opportunities workshops

24 March 2015
Ilya Agapov: Statistical analysis and optimization of FEL performance

17 March 2015
Frederik Wolff-Fabris: Magnetic Properties of XFEL.EU Insertion Devices obtained from Moving Wire Measurements

10 March 2015
Klaus Giewekemeyer and Wojciech Gawelda: Highlights from Ringberg meeting on FEL science

03 March 2015
Martin Dommach: Status of photon beam transport tunnel installations

24 February 2015
Maurizio Vannoni: Mirror metrology at European XFEL

17 February 2015
Joachim Pflüger: Status of Installation of Undulator Systems SASE1 and SASE3

10 February 2015
Max Lederer: Status of PP-Laser Development and Integration

03 February 2015
Jens Buck: Polarization monitoring of FEL radiation

27 January 2015
No meeting

20 January 2015
Jia Liu: Time-domain diagnostics and experiments at LCLS

13 January 2015
Laurens Wissmann: Status controlling the Pump-Probe Laser using Karabo

06 January 2015
Adrian Mancuso: Highlights from the X-ray Microscopy conference

23 - 30 December 2014
Winter break