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Tunnel construction progress

On this page, the positions of our tunnel boring machines were shown.

(NB: The lines show the tunnel route with an accuracy of a few meters.)

Drag the map or zoom in and zoom out respectively by clicking the buttons labelled "+" and "-".

Total length of completed tunnels 100.0 %5777 m of 5777 m

Tunnel boring machine 1 (TULA = TUnnel for LAser)

Activity After finishing the two tunnel sections between Schenefeld and Osdorfer Born (XTD1 and XTD2) at the end of December 2010, TULA started boring the main tunnel (XTL) in January 2011. This more than 2-kilometer-long tunnel between Osdorfer Born and DESY-Bahrenfeld is located under inhabited area. Its boring was completed on 6 August 2011.
Length of completed tunnels 100.0 % 3084 m of 3084 m
– in current section (XTL) 100.0 %2010 m of 2010 m
Start date 07 July 2010

Tunnel boring machine 2 (AMELI)

Activity AMELI is the German acronym for "At the end (there will be) light". It is the smaller of the two tunnel boring machines and drilled the "fan" of altogether eight single tunnels (XTD9, XTD10, XTD4, XTD8, XTD7, XTD5, XTD3, and XTD6) underneath the future Schenefeld research campus. The Boring of these tunnel sections was completed on 7 June 2012.
Length of completed tunnels 100.0 %2693 m of 2693 m
– in current section (XTD6) 100.0 %660 m of 660 m
Start date 11 January 2011