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Presentation slides


1. Download the template

You can choose between two different templates:

The template includes three types of slides:

  1. Title slide for your presentation
  2. Talk slide with the information of your specific presentation in the header and footer areas
  3. Clipboard slide with different style elements to copy and paste

Each of these slides contains in its notes area tips and tricks how to use it. You will find all of them in this instruction.

2. Change the default language, if necessary

The default language of the presentation is English (U.K.). To change the language, select File > Options > Language. Select your language and choose Set as Default.

3. Edit the title slide

  • upper field: Title of your talk, max. 2 rows of text of the defined size (55 pt)
  • lower field (Subtitle): Conference/meeting/workshop, location, date, your name and affiliation, max. 4 rows of text of the defined size (32 pt)

If you use template-pl-european-xfel-presentation-with-partner-logos.pptx you can add or change the partner logos in the last row. By default it contains the DESY logo and the Helmholtz logo.

4. Edit the master for your talk slides

  1. Change to the master slide view (Menu: View > Slide Master)
    1. On the title slide (second master slide)
      1. Click to add title of your talk
      2. Click to add subtitle (conference, location, name of the speaker, date)
    2. On the Slide Master (first master slide)
      1. First row in the violet header: Delete the existent text and write the title of your talk into this text field.
      2. Two rows in the footer area: Delete the text and write the information regarding your talk (same as on the title slide) into this text field.
    3. If you use template-european-xfel-gmbh_presentation-with-partner-logos.pptx include the same partner logos as on your title slide. Position them in the footer area from right to left.
  2. Close the master view.

5. Become familiar with the clipboard slide

  • To edit slides of your presentation, try to use the elements of the clipboard slide included in the template.
  • Keep the clipboard slide at the end of your presentation.
  • Copy a box of the clip board slide and paste it into the talk slide. There you can change the height and width of the box (including its background) by selecting the box and dragging an edge of the box frame.

6. Insert new slides

  • To insert a new slide, choose Home > New Slide
  • Choose Title slide, Title and content, Title only, or No title and content. Default is Title and content


Make use of the grid and guidelines

The grid and the guidelines are helpful to position your text blocks and images exactly. (They are not seen in the slide show mode.) To change them, use the menu entry View > Grids and Guides.

Instructions: Converting existing presentations

Do not copy whole slides from a talk with a different slide style!
Copy text block by text block and image by image instead!

  • How to copy a text block:
    Do not use the default paste function to insert a text block! Instead click Edit > Paste Special > Unformatted Text in the menu. Only this procedure will preserve the default European XFEL style.
  • How to copy an image:
    For graphics, photos, etc. you can use the default paste function. Caution: Sometimes PowerPoint changes the size of the image. This feature cannot be changed.