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1. Download the template

Each file includes two pages:

  1. Title slide for your presentation
  2. Clipboard with different style elements for copy and paste

2. Change the default language if necessary

The default language of the presentation is English (U.K.). To change the language, select File > Options > Language. Select your language and choose Set as Default.

3. Edit the poster header

Click on the header to add the title (59 pt). Replace “Author Name Institute” by the authors details.

If you want to use partner logos (for example the DESY logo), place them in the footer area from right to left.

4. Get familiar with the clip board

To compose your poster, try to use the elements of the clipboard provided in the template.

Copy a box of the clipboard and paste it into your poster. Then you can change the height and width of the box (including its background) by selecting the box and dragging an edge of the box frame. For the box with the violet corners, you have to copy all the corners together with the text box to paste them into your poster. It is not possible to change the height or the width of the box as described above; the form of the corners will be changed. You can change the text box alone, but the corners have to be moved afterwards one by one.

Tips & tricks

Making use of the grid and guidelines

The grid and the guidelines are helpful to position your text blocks and images exactly. To change them, use the menu entry View > Grids and Guides.


You can print the poster directly from Microsoft PowerPoint: File > Print.

Select the printer and the paper size. Select Scale to Fit Paper when you want to print it on an A4 using an A4 printer.