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News, 01 March 2017

Hamburg Senate visits European XFEL

Mayor of Hamburg visits along with entire state senate

As part of a session of the city–state of Hamburg’s Senate in neighbouring Schenefeld on 28 February, members of Hamburg’s main governing body were informed about the current status of the European XFEL. Chairman of the European XFEL Management Board Robert Feidenhans’l presented the facility with a talk, followed by a short tour through the experiment hall and the photon tunnels. The Minister for Social Affairs, Health, Science, and Equality for the German federal state of Schleswig-Holstein Kristin Alheit visited the facility alongside the members of the Senate.

European XFEL scientist Richard Bean explains the biology-focused SPB/SFX instrument to Hamburg Mayor Olaf Scholz and members of the Hamburg Senate. From left: Richard Bean; Senator for Business, Transportation, and Innovation Frank Horch; Hamburg Mayor Olaf Scholz; European XFEL Managing Director Robert Feidenhans'l.
European XFEL

“With the European XFEL, we will have the best X-ray laser in the world”, says Hamburg First Mayor Olaf Scholz. “International research groups will unlock atomic-scale details of viruses and cells, film chemical reactions, and gain new insights into the interior of planets at the European XFEL. In this way, Hamburg will become the world capital of research using X-ray light and a leading European site for research and innovation.”

“I am happy that the work at the facility is coming along so well”, says Hamburg Senator for Science, Research, and Equality Katharina Fegebank. “When the first scientists from around the world start their research at this super X-ray laser in the autumn, they will give science in this region a strong push. This opens new possibilities, such as the development of innovative medications and materials and new knowledge through investigations of the cosmos. Hamburg has the potential to become one of the major innovation metropoles in Europe—and the European XFEL plays a significant role in that.”

Feidenhans’l thanked the Hamburg Senate for their support. “Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein have made prominent contributions to our new research facility. Our employees are working intensively on the assembly of the experiment stations and are bringing the X-ray laser into operation together with our colleagues at DESY. When we begin user operation in autumn, the European XFEL will be science’s Elbphilharmonie.”

The Mayor and the tunnel: Olaf Scholz stands next to one of the photon beamlines.
European XFEL