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  • Particle accelerator for the European XFEL X-ray laser operational 19 April 2017 | News More
    World’s longest superconducting linear accelerator

  • Hamburg Senate visits European XFEL 01 March 2017 | News More
    Mayor of Hamburg visits along with entire state senate

  • DFG funds investigation of exoplanets at European XFEL 02 February 2017 | News More
    Interdisciplinary research project funded with 2 M€

  • Great expectations at last Users’ Meeting before start of operation 27 January 2017 | News More
    Researchers from around the world prepare for proposals and experiments

  • Researchers can hand in first proposals for experiments 24 January 2017 | News More
    European XFEL prepares for user operation

  • First electrons in the -271°C cooled main accelerator 19 January 2017 | News More
    Accelerator team start test of linac at operation temperature

  • Robert Feidenhans’l starts as Chairman of the European XFEL Management Board 06 January 2017 | News More