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Home - News - 2016 - Chinese Vice Prime Minister Liu Yandong visits European XFEL and DESY

News, 24 November 2016

Chinese Vice Prime Minister Liu Yandong visits European XFEL and DESY

Visit emphasizes deepening collaboration between institutes and China

As part of her official visit in Germany, the Chinese Vice Premier Liu Yandong today came to DESY and European XFEL. The Vice Premier’s particular interest was the X-ray laser European XFEL. Ms. Liu was greeted at the campus of the German research centre DESY by the Chairman of the DESY Board of Directors Prof. Helmut Dosch, the Chairman of the European XFEL Council Prof. Martin Meedom Nielsen, and the Chairman of the European XFEL Management Board Prof. Massimo Altarelli. The Vice Premier was accompanied by several high-ranking officials from the government of the People’s Republic of China, including the Minister of Science and Technology Wan Gang, the Chinese Ambassador in Germany Shi Mingde, the Deputy Secretary-General of the State Council Jiang Xiaojuan, and the Vice Minister of Education Hao Ping. The Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg was represented by Second Mayor and Senator for Science, Research, and Equality Katharina Fegebank.

Chairman of the European XFEL Management Board Massimo Altarelli (left) with Vice Premier Liu Yandong (centre) and Chairman of the DESY Board of Directors Helmut Dosch.
European XFEL

Ms. Liu visited the AMTF Hall, where the 96 modules that make up the European XFEL’s 1.7-km long superconducting electron accelerator were tested before their installation, and she was informed of the current status of the commissioning of the X-ray laser. She also met with Chinese scientists who are working for DESY and European XFEL or who are guest researchers. Then she ventured into the European XFEL accelerator tunnel, which is in the final preparations for the cooldown of the main accelerator to -271°C, an important step in the commissioning.

"I am deeply impressed by the high-level research with cutting-edge technology that is conducted here at DESY and European XFEL", Ms. Liu said. "Basic research is very important to China, and so I am highly interested in fostering and extending the scientific partnership, exchange of ideas and training of young scientists."

Chinese scientists and engineers working at European XFEL explain their work to the Vice Premier.
European XFEL | Click on the image to see it full size.

Prof. Martin Meedom Nielsen said: “The European XFEL is a truly international facility, incorporating key components and knowhow developed on at minimum three continents: Europe, America, and not least Asia. China was already involved in the early phase of the planning of the facility, and is still playing an important role for the European XFEL, for example by designing and manufacturing key components, through involvement in a user consortium, and through a lively exchange of visits and personnel. We would warmly welcome China to enter talks for joining the facility.”

Prof. Massimo Altarelli emphasized the successful existing cooperation with China, such as in the field of development and manufacturing of the undulators, the magnetic structures that generate the X-ray light flashes; in the construction of the accelerator; or in pursuing scientific questions. “In many areas, we have worked closely together with China”, he said. “At European XFEL, we trust in the components, knowhow, and colleagues from China. We look forward to this successful collaboration strengthening and deepening in the future.”

“DESY has a 40-year tradition of collaboration with colleagues from the People’s Republic of China—today, more than 100 scientists and engineers from China are working here together with us at the frontiers of knowledge”, said Prof. Helmut Dosch. “I hope that we can intensify this fruitful cooperation with new joint research projects at our unique research light sources, and I am therefore pleased to greet today Vice Premier Liu Yandong.”

Representatives of European XFEL, DESY, and the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg (left) alongside the Chinese delegation in the AMTF hall.
European XFEL | Click on the image to see it full size.