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News, 01 June 2015

Roadshow engages students and scientists in Turkey

Weeklong event promotes German-Turkish collaboration in photon science

From 4 to 8 May, representatives from European XFEL and DESY visited 4 Turkish universities in Istanbul and Ankara as they promoted German-Turkish collaboration in photon science. The event, which aimed to sow the seeds for further cooperation in science between Germany and Turkey, included daily science talks by Turkish scientists working at DESY in Hamburg and general exhibitions, as well as a public colloquium featuring talks by DESY director Helmut Dosch and European XFEL Scientific Director Serguei Molodtsov.

Over the course of the week, the event attracted about 400 students, professors, and scientists between the locations visited: Istanbul University, the Turkish-German University in Istanbul, Ankara University, and TOBB University of Economics and Technology in Ankara. The roadshow was in the framework of the 2014 German–Turkish Year of Research, Education, and Innovation, a series of events initiated and sponsored by the science ministries of both countries.

“The attendance of the roadshow events by Turkish students demonstrated their intense interest in cooperation with the German large scale facilities”, says Molodtsov. “This is particularly important for the European XFEL, which will come into full operation when many of the students will become young researchers interested in performing experiments at the frontier of science. Already now there is a strong push by the scientific community for Turkey to become a full partner of the European XFEL project.”

Also present at many of these events were representatives of the Turkish Accelerator Center (TAC). TAC has a close relationship with DESY and European XFEL, as it works to develop new accelerator and light source facilities.

“The Turkish–German collaboration in accelerator and photon sciences and industry regarding know-how and manufacturing will be developing rapidly in framework of project studies of TAC”, says Ömer Yavaş, professor at Ankara University’s Institute of Accelerator Technologies and the director of the TAC Collaboration. “This will help the construction of [the free-electron laser] TAC-TARLA (Turkish Acceleration and Radiation Laboratory in Ankara) in a few years, and to realize the proposed Turkish light source facilities TAC-TURKAY, a third-generation synchrotron light source, and TAC-TURKSEL, a fourth-generation X-ray free-electron laser facility, in next decade.”

Four picture galleries from the events can be viewed on our Facebook page. The use of the German–Turkish Year of Research, Education, and Innovation logo is courtesy of BMBF.

DESY scientist Huseyin Cankaya presents at one of the science talks at Istanbul University. For more pictures, see our Facebook page.
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