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Announcement, 03 December 2015

Fly through the European XFEL tunnel

Explore the 3.4-km long underground structure in a new film

Now you can travel like an electron bunch or an X-ray flash through the full length of the European XFEL in a recently produced movie.

Beginning at the facility’s injector, where the electrons used for X-ray generation start their journey, the movie takes you through the 2.1-km accelerator tunnel, where the electrons will be pushed to ever higher energies. The path then swerves into the northern tunnel branch at the Osdorfer Born site to show the location of one of the undulators, where the X-ray light will be generated, and finally follows a pair of photon beamlines that will direct the X-rays into the underground experiment hall in Schenefeld, where scientists will use the X-rays to study matter in unprecedented detail at six instruments. At the end you can see the hutch for one of the first two instruments that will become open to users in 2017, FXE and SPB/SFX, as well as the heavy concrete enclosure for the HED instrument at the other end.

On the European XFEL YouTube channel, there are also videos presenting our scientific goals and construction progress, including time-lapse compositions of activities at all three sites and in the experiment hall. Subscribe for all the latest updates. All of the movies can be downloaded from our media database. Enjoy!