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News, 04 September 2015

Farewell, FELIX

Information stall with lookout platform at the Schenefeld construction site deconstructed

For six years, the orange structure “Infopoint FELIX”, situated at the entrance to the European XFEL construction site in Schenefeld, was a starting point for visitors and the interested public. From the approximately five-metre-high lookout platform on the roof of the structure, visitors could keep tabs on the construction progress at the X-ray free-electron laser facility and get a view of the excavation of what would become the facility’s underground experiment hall. Long after the closure of that excavation area, and with the construction of most of the buildings on the site nearing completion, the Infopoint had to be removed to make way for further site work. For the time being, until the opening of the main premises for visitors, information plates will be placed on the site’s outer fence. Other informational materials can be obtained from the gatekeeper.

European XFEL opened FELIX on 25 September 2009. The name was chosen through a competition in the local newspaper Schenefelder Tageblatt. In addition to the lookout platform on the roof of the two-storey structure, a poster exhibition was on the first floor and visitor groups—mostly scientists and students—were equipped with construction site safety gear underneath on the ground floor.

Neighbourhood tunnelfest at the Infopoint FELIX on 30 June 2010. The event took place in conjunction with the first tunnel borer christening ceremony on the European XFEL Schenefeld construction site.
European XFEL | Click on the image to see it full size.

“FELIX has served us very well in the past few years”, says Frank Poppe, leader of the neighbourhood office at European XFEL. “Whether at a series of public events with construction experts in the first construction phase, visitor tours, or chance encounters with neighbours on the lookout platform—I remember many good interactions as I think back. But I also already look forward now to the possibilities that will come with the completion of the facility premises and later hopefully a visitor centre.”

Left: Visit of the HamburgAmbassadors in Schenefeld on 7 May 2012. Right: Visitor group on the FELIX lookout platform on 7 August 2013.
European XFEL