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News, 07 July 2015

Employees explore natural area near Schenefeld site

European XFEL staff are working intensively toward the commissioning of the X-ray laser and the planned move to the new headquarters building in Schenefeld in 2016. On Friday, they looked into the natural areas surrounding their future workplace.

For this year’s company outing, more than 200 employees from European XFEL and their families had the chance to walk through the Osdorfer Feldmark, a historic greenspace between Hamburg and Schenefeld. In cooperation with the environmental group Naturschutzbund Deutschland (NABU), a hiking tour through the area was set up. The tour allowed 12 groups to get a fascinating glimpse into the natural spaces around their future workplace, in which kingfishers, newts, and other wildlife live. Kids aged six and up went on a special tour in which they could play games that taught them about the wildlife in the ponds and streams of the Osdorfer Feldmark. In the area, European XFEL also set up several environmental compensation and restoration areas, including in meadows lined by “Knicks” (pronounced cn-NIX, centuries-old natural fences or "hedge banks" made of stone, earth, and shrubs that have become their own micro-ecosystems) and in small stands of trees, as well as in sections of the river Düpenau that are being restored. It was an interesting day not only for the European XFEL staff, but also for the NABU guides. Andreas Lampe, a NABU member and the creative mind behind the event, said: “The day with the European XFEL employees and their families has really been fun and we were pleased by the large interest in nature they expressed.”

During the tours, European XFEL employees could see the historical development of the Osdorfer Feldmark.
European XFEL
Stops on the tour included locations on the river Düpenau.
European XFEL
Twelve separate groups went on tours.
Andreas Lampe / Oevent
There were special educational activities for children.
Andreas Lampe / Oevent
A NABU guide leads a tour in the Osdorfer Feldmark.
European XFEL