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  • First electrons accelerated in European XFEL 21 December 2015 | News More
    Major milestone for international research facility

  • End of the year message from the Managing Directors 18 December 2015 | News More
    Massimo Altarelli and Claudia Burger look back at the past year and forward to the challenges ahead of us.

  • Science Day reaches out to more than 300 guests of Turkish origin 07 December 2015 | News More
    Joint event with DESY showcases cooperation between German and Turkish scientists and institutes

  • Fly through the European XFEL tunnel 03 December 2015 | Announcement More
    Explore the 3.4-km long underground structure in a new film

  • EIROforum Directors General meet at European XFEL 24 November 2015 | News More
    Leaders of eight European research institutes also visit European XFEL construction site

  • Open House event attracts thousands to European XFEL 11 November 2015 | News More
    Over 18 000 estimated visitors to DESY campus; many see European XFEL exhibition and accelerator tunnel

  • European XFEL Open House and Hamburg Night of Science 03 November 2015 | Announcement More

  • CREMLIN aims to improve European–Russian science network 22 October 2015 | News More
    New EU project launched in Moscow

  • Scientist explains X-ray laser science at Hamburg's "Science on Tap" 19 October 2015 | News More
    Bressler lecture among 30 in bars and pubs across city in special event

  • New EU project: Guiding light for the world’s brightest light sources 05 October 2015 | News More
    EUCALL will build bridges between major laser and X-ray research centres

  • European XFEL presents free-electron laser science in Jena 28 September 2015 | News More
    Physics of light the focus of Highlights der Physik festival

  • Freiberg students get a glimpse of European XFEL science 28 September 2015 | News More
    Weeklong materials research course for Master’s and doctoral students

  • Engaging the public at Schenefeld mall in town centre 14 September 2015 | News More
    European XFEL answers questions from neighbours and interested public

  • Farewell, FELIX 04 September 2015 | News More
    Information stall with lookout platform at the Schenefeld construction site deconstructed

  • First scientific instrument component installed in experiment hall 25 August 2015 | News More
    Support tower for the FXE instrument’s high-precision robot set in hutch

  • UK contributes a high-energy optical laser to HED instrument 17 July 2015 | News More
    New DiPOLE laser will generate pressure and temperature conditions approaching those of solar planets and exoplanets

  • Two Nobel laureates came to Schenefeld in one week 13 July 2015 | News More
    Brian Schmidt (Physics, 2011) and Ahmed Zewail (Chemistry, 1999) visit European XFEL

  • Employees explore natural area near Schenefeld site 07 July 2015 | News More
    Company outing in historic greenspace

  • European XFEL takes over EIROforum chairmanship 02 July 2015 | News More
    Massimo Altarelli begins one-year term on 1 July

  • European XFEL team participates in charity run 01 July 2015 | News More
    Full event raises 155 000 € for children's fund

  • User consortia experiments at European XFEL are go 30 June 2015 | News More
    New possibilities for materials science, ultrafast chemistry, and structural biology

  • Annual Report 2014 available 12 June 2015 | Announcement More
    European XFEL publishes its fifth annual report

  • Roadshow engages students and scientists in Turkey 01 June 2015 | News More
    Weeklong event promotes German-Turkish collaboration in photon science

  • Feasibility study: Good prospects for visitor centre or science centre 05 May 2015 | News More
    Visitor centre or science centre on the European XFEL campus in Schenefeld would be well-received

  • Girls' Day 2015: Girls meet X-ray men and women 24 April 2015 | News More
    Seven girls and one boy of ages 10–13 years visited European XFEL on 23 April as part of the Girls’ Day event

  • First data connection between sites in Bahrenfeld and Schenefeld 15 April 2015 | News More
    Support infrastructure and fibre-optic lines across European XFEL’s 3.4-km span installed

  • Minister Alheit visits European XFEL 13 April 2015 | News More
    Science minister learns about facility progress during visit

  • European XFEL scientists look deep into the atom 09 April 2015 | News More
    Digging into the “Giant Resonance”, scientists find hints of new quantum physics

  • Major Chinese research centre signs collaboration agreement 27 March 2015 | News More
    China Acedemy of Engineering Physics to work with European XFEL

  • Team uses X-ray laser to watch electrons travel across molecule 05 March 2015 | News More
    At submolecular resolution, scientists see transition from light to chemical energy

  • Researchers snap giant virus in 3-D 04 March 2015 | News More
    Study demonstrates potential of future X-ray laser investigations

  • European XFEL celebrates topping out of headquarters building 18 February 2015 | News More
    Ceremony at international X-ray laser facility with more than 350 guests

  • Taking high-speed snapshots of living cells with an X-ray laser 11 February 2015 | News More
    X-ray imaging method captures living cells with unprecedented speed and resolution

  • 2015 Users’ Meeting attendance climbs higher 30 January 2015 | News More
    Future users discuss European XFEL instruments, experiments, and operation

  • FLASH—the first optically synchronised free-electron laser 20 January 2015 | News More
    High-precision synchronisation method also to be implemented at European XFEL