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  • Ultrafast X-ray detector successfully tested 22 December 2014 | News More
    Ultrashort snapshots pave the way towards molecular movies

  • The United Kingdom joins European XFEL 18 December 2014 | News More
    UK announces it will become a full member

  • End of the year message by the Managing Directors 12 December 2014 | News More
    Massimo Altarelli and Claudia Burger look back at the past year and forward to the challenges ahead of us.

  • Thick concrete walls against the power of a trillion light bulbs 19 November 2014 | News More
    First instrument enclosure erected in experiment hall

  • Scientists X-ray tiny organelles of bacteria 18 November 2014 | News More
    X-ray laser imaging method successfully tested on nanoscale biological samples

  • Peter Paul Ewald Fellowships for FEL Science 13 November 2014 | Announcement More
    Last deadline is 30 January 2015

  • “Cookie Box” monitors ultrashort light pulses 12 November 2014 | News More
    A cutting-edge diagnostic device for free-electron lasers and more

  • Watching molecular matches 24 October 2014 | Feature More
    Scientists will watch the interplay of molecules with the instrument FXE, allowing stunning insight in the electronic forces driving the world of chemistry

  • Collaboration in theoretical physics with the University of Hamburg 10 October 2014 | News More
    The goal of the collaboration is to generate ideas for novel applications or for new methods

  • UK invests in European XFEL user consortium 15 July 2014 | News More
    Funds to help construct and operate Serial Femtosecond Crystallography end station

  • European XFEL Council elects new Chair and Vice Chair 26 June 2014 | News More
    Martin Meedom Nielsen and Lars Börjesson to head Council

  • Annual Report 2013 available 20 June 2014 | Announcement More
    European XFEL publishes its fourth annual report

  • University of Rostock and European XFEL announce cooperation 05 June 2014 | News More
    The University of Rostock and European XFEL will cooperate in research and education, particularly in the field of applications for free-electron lasers.

  • Developing a new software framework to rein in a flood of data 02 June 2014 | Feature More
    A look at European XFEL’s in house software framework, Karabo

  • Observing electron clouds, scientists could improve chemical processes 08 May 2014 | News More
    Researchers look more precisely than ever before into the electron cloud

  • Russian Ambassador visits European XFEL and DESY 30 April 2014 | News More
    Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Germany, Vladimir M. Grinin, tours research campus

  • Paving the way to accessing handedness 16 April 2014 | News More
    A new method helping scientists see spiraling X-rays

  • European XFEL celebrates the International Year of Crystallography 02 April 2014 | News More
    UNESCO-led celebration marks centenary of the discovery of crystallography by Max von Laue

  • Young students delve into science on Girls’ Day 01 April 2014 | News More
    Day-long event promotes interest in science and engineering among young people

  • FLASH spies deep into giant gas planets 11 March 2014 | News More
    Study of liquid hydrogen provides important data for planetary models

  • France becomes European XFEL’s third-largest shareholder 25 February 2014 | News More
    Contributions comprise 3 % of the construction costs

  • Building the perfect mirror 18 February 2014 | News More
    Prototype developed of specially engineered superflat reflective surface

  • Excitement builds among scientists at 2014 Users’ Meeting 31 January 2014 | News More
    Joint 2014 European XFEL and DESY Photon Science Users’ Meeting again attracts record attendees

  • Turkish scientists seek to strengthen cooperation with European XFEL 24 January 2014 | News More
    Group of leading Turkish scientists visits European XFEL and DESY as part of German-Turkish Year of Science