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  • End of the year message by the Managing Directors 17 December 2013 | News More
    Massimo Altarelli and Claudia Burger look back at the past year and forward to the challenges ahead of us.

  • More than half of European XFEL’s undulator segments ready for installation 12 December 2013 | News More
    52 tuned segments in storage awaiting beginning of installation next year

  • Ministry funds university research at the European XFEL with 7.5 million Euro 06 December 2013 | News More
    From 2013 to 2016 the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) will provide 7.5 million Euro to fund 14 projects at 11 universities and one Max Planck Institute.

  • European XFEL Night of Science exhibition attracts thousands 06 November 2013 | News More
    Visitors of all ages attended event as part of the 5th Hamburg Night of Science

  • Providing direct evidence to Nobel-winning theories 31 October 2013 | News More
    At European XFEL, scientists may actually “see” some of the systems the new chemistry laureates modeled

  • Schleswig-Holstein’s Minister for Economic Affairs visits European XFEL 16 October 2013 | News More
    Reinhard Meyer, Minister of Economic Affairs, Employment, Transport and Technology of the German federal state of Schleswig-Holstein, today visited the European XFEL construction site in Schenefeld.

  • Installation of the European XFEL injector begins 30 September 2013 | News More
    Scientists working to place electron injector at Bahrenfeld complex

  • European XFEL participates in science festival Highlights der Physik 26 September 2013 | News More
    Visitors learn about facility at annual science festival

  • Summer students assist with development of instruments and methods 19 August 2013 | News More
    Single Particles, Clusters, and Biomolecules (SPB) instrument group hosts students from Göttingen and Moscow

  • CORPES meeting puts spotlight on photoemission spectroscopy 05 August 2013 | News More
    Fifth meeting on photoemissions of correlated materials hosted by European XFEL

  • Speed Limit Set for Ultrafast Electrical Switch 13 July 2013 | News More
    Switching in magnetite takes only one trillionth of a second

  • Russian Minister Livanov visits European XFEL 28 June 2013 | News More
    On June 28, the Minister of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Livanov, visited European XFEL in Hamburg and the construction site in Schenefeld.

  • Annual Report 2012 21 June 2013 | Announcement More
    European XFEL publishes its third annual report

  • European XFEL underground construction completed 06 June 2013 | News More
    Europe's new X-ray laser reaches important milestone

  • Girls’ Day at European XFEL 26 April 2013 | News More
    Physics and engineering have long since ceased to be exclusive male domains. On 25 April, this fact was underlined at European XFEL, where 10 girls between 11 and 15 years old spent a day.

  • European XFEL and Berkeley Lab start cooperation 19 April 2013 | News More
    Research institutions cooperate in the areas of development and use of free-electron lasers

  • Poland’s Science Minister visits European XFEL and DESY 15 February 2013 | News More
    Professor Barbara Kudrycka officially commissions accelerator module test facility.

  • Constructive destruction 12 February 2013 | Feature More
    The Small Quantum Systems (SQS) instrument at European XFEL will focus on atomic-like and nano-size objects—especially on breaking them to find out more about their inner workings.

  • First technical design reports for scientific instruments and beamlines published 11 February 2013 | News More
    A major milestone was achieved recently with the publication of the first three technical design reports (TDRs), describing the X-ray optics and beam transport systems and two of the scientific instruments.

  • X-ray laser records “dance” of electrons and atoms 05 February 2013 | News More
    Using an X-ray free-electron laser, researchers have observed for the first time the fastest steps of how electrons move within and between molecules.

  • Record attendance at DESY and European XFEL Users’ Meeting 25 January 2013 | News More
    This year’s users’ meeting of European XFEL and DESY photon science set up a new participant record. From 23 to 25 January, about 800 scientists participated in the conference.