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  • XFEL research is top-ten science story of 2012 21 December 2012 | News More
    Revealing the structure of a protein from of sleeping sickness parasite Trypanosoma brucei with an X-ray free-electron laser is one of top ten science stories 2012, the renowned journal Science says.

  • Season's Greetings 2012 20 December 2012 | News More
    Managing Directors Massimo Altarelli and Claudia Burger look back at the past year and forward to the challenges ahead of us.

  • DESY and European XFEL scientists win Innovation Award 13 December 2012 | News More
    Gianluca Geloni, Vitali Kocharyan, and Evgeni Saldin receive prize for their invention of a self-seeding option that improves X-ray free-electron lasers.

  • Industrial production of the world’s brightest light generators has started 11 December 2012 | News More
    Companies in Germany and Spain deliver undulators to Hamburg.

  • First new biological structure solved by a free-electron laser 29 November 2012 | News More
    An international group of scientists solves the structure of a protein of the sleeping sickness parasite at LCLS in California.

  • Sustaining Science Funding in Europe! 26 November 2012 | News More
    An open letter from the Directors General of Europe's eight largest research infrastructures

  • Volkswagen Foundation awards fellowships for XFEL research 20 November 2012 | News More
    Free-Electron Laser Science: Peter Paul Ewald Fellowships at LCLS in Stanford

  • Profiling X-ray free-electron laser pulses 19 November 2012 | News More
    Physicists demonstrate crucial method for monitoring ultra short X-ray pulses

  • Minister President Albig visits European XFEL 14 November 2012 | News More
    On 13 November, at the invitation of European XFEL, the Minister President of the German federal state of Schleswig-Holstein, Torsten Albig, visited the construction site of the European XFEL in Schenefeld.

  • New chairmen and members in Advisory Committees 07 November 2012 | News More
    Rafael Abela and Richard Walker at top posts of the SAC and MAC

  • Future users are curious about their workplace 30 October 2012 | News More
    Russian delegation of top-level bioscientists visits European XFEL construction site in Schenefeld.

  • European XFEL participates in physics festival 28 September 2012 | News More
    European XFEL presented its new facility at a booth at the "Highlights of Physics" in Göttingen

  • Self-seeding: Better pictures of the nanoworld 13 August 2012 | News More
    Scientists from DESY and European XFEL develop method for dramatic improvement of X-ray lasers

  • Cryostat from Poland for cryogenic tests 10 August 2012 | News More
    Poland’s in-kind contributions to the European XFEL include two helium cryostats. The first arrived at the test hall on the DESY site on 9 August 2012. The second will follow in October.

  • In-kind contributions: 125 magnets delivered from Russia and Sweden 26 July 2012 | News More
    Magnets will be used to focus the electron beam between the undulator segments

  • 200 researchers attend international conference on X-ray FEL science 26 July 2012 | News More
    Speakers present highlights of 7 years of short-wavelength free-electron laser operation

  • Ultrashort X-ray laser pulses measured precisely for the first time 26 July 2012 | News More
    Results allow better utilization of X-ray lasers

  • Professorship for scientific director of European XFEL 05 July 2012 | News More
    Technische Universität Dresden awards Dr. Serguei Molodtsov the title “Honorary Professor of Hard X-Ray Physics”.

  • Baltic Sea Award to Council Member Lars Börjesson for initiating ESS 20 June 2012 | Announcement More
    Lars Börjesson, President of the European Spallation Source (ESS) Steering Committee and member of the European XFEL Council, has received the 2012 Baltic Sea Award

  • Hamburg physicists successful in Excellence Initiative 15 June 2012 | Announcement More
    Physicists in Hamburg have achieved a major success in the Excellence Initiative of the federal and state governments—European XFEL participates in cluster

  • Tunnel construction completed 14 June 2012 | Announcement More
    European XFEL reaches important milestone

  • Annual Report 2011 05 June 2012 | Announcement More
    European XFEL published its second annual report.

  • International resonance 14 May 2012 | Feature More
    The industrial production of the European XFEL's 800 accelerator cavities is a complex undertaking with many participants. Waldemar Singer and Detlef Reschke make sure that all adds up well.

  • Research facilities collaborate on data management and analysis 23 May 2012 | News More
    Russian and German partners develop new IT approaches

  • Research at Hamburg’s deepest scientific workplace resumes 09 May 2012 | News More
    European XFEL scientists move into former HERA building

  • Accelerator tunnel construction completed 29 February 2012 | Construction news More
    At the end of February, the construction company ARGE Tunnel XFEL officially handed over the tunnel to DESY, which is acting as the building contractor on behalf of European XFEL.

  • The data challenge 28 February 2012 | Feature More
    Experiments at the European XFEL will produce an incredible amount of data—all of which needs to be stored and made available for analysis. Chris Youngman’s group has taken up that challenge.

  • Council Chair and Vice-Chair re-elected 16 February 2012 | News More
    Robert Feidenhans'l and Pavol Sovák confirmed in office

  • “Sometimes more is better!” 31 January 2012 | Feature More
    In its science session, the 6th European XFEL Users’ Meeting focused on applications of free-electron lasers for structural biology.

  • 680 scientists discuss free-electron lasers and photon science 30 January 2012 | News More
    Joint European XFEL and DESY HASYLAB User Meeting in Hamburg

  • New Managing and Administrative Director 03 January 2012 | News More
    Claudia Burger will be responsible for human resources, procurement, finance, and safety issues