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  • Season's Greetings 2011 20 December 2011 | News More

  • Getting a picture of the nanoworld 19 December 2011 | Feature More
    To take brilliant pictures in the dark, you need not only a good flash but an outstanding camera. In the case of the European XFEL, Markus Kuster coordinates the development of the fitting camera technology.

  • European XFEL joins BioStruct-X 06 December 2011 | News More
    X-Ray lasers may significantly improve structure determination of biomolecules.

  • Scientists present European XFEL in Poland 01 December 2011 | News More
    Exhibition with 35 posters, flyers and the video “Light of the future”

  • Fellowships for research with free-electron lasers 22 November 2011 | News More
    The Volkswagen Foundation offers young scientists the opportunity to carry out research at the US X-ray laser facility LCLS and get experience for the future European XFEL operation.

  • Many visitors find out more about European XFEL 31 October 2011 | News More
    European XFEL contributes own presentation to DESY’s Open Day and the Hamburg Science Night.

  • European XFEL participates in EU research network CRISP 31 October 2011 | News More
    European XFEL cooperates within the EU research network CRISP of eleven new European research infrastructures.

  • In-kind contributions page online 27 October 2011 | Announcement More
    A new information graphics at shows the various in-kind contributions to the European XFEL project.

  • First deliveries from Poland to the European XFEL 24 October 2011 | News More
    The first segments of a helium transfer line required for testing the accelerator elements have arrived. Journalists from Warsaw came to Hamburg to find out more about the Polish contribution to the European XFEL.

  • European XFEL cooperates with leading Spanish laser research facility 10 October 2011 | News More
    European XFEL and the Spanish CLPU Institute will cooperate to develop new ultrafast optical lasers for research at the European XFEL.

  • Spain officially joins European XFEL 07 October 2011 | News More
    Representatives of Spain and the other participating countries signed the protocol of accession on 6 October in Berlin.

  • Annual Report 2010 27 September 2011 | Announcement More
    The first annual report in the young history of the European XFEL GmbH has just been published. A printed version can be ordered by e-mail.

  • Topping-out ceremony for modulator hall 22 September 2011 | Construction news More
    With a topping-out ceremony for the modulator hall, the European XFEL GmbH thanked the construction workers for the swift progress.

  • EMBL + European XFEL: Bundling expertise 13 September 2011 | News More
    By signing a Memorandum of Understanding, the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) and the European XFEL have laid the foundation for a close future collaboration.

  • Joint PhD project of IMPRS-UFAST and European XFEL 08 September 2011 | Announcement More
    European XFEL participates in International Max Planck Research School Ultrafast Imaging and Structural Dynamics (IMPRS-UFAST) which offers a structured PhD programme. Here two PhD positions are open which will be supervised by European XFEL scientists.

  • Cooperation agreement with University of Hamburg signed 15 August 2011 | News More
    The signing of the official contract gives impetus to the cooperation of the University of Hamburg and the European XFEL.

  • Boring of accelerator tunnel completed 09 August 2011 | Construction news More
    The tunnel boring machine TULA reached its goal in the last week of July. A few days later, the tunnel builders installed the last concrete ring of the tunnel tube for the accelerator. What will happen next?

  • Conceptual design reports on SQS und FXE 20 July 2011 | News More
    Conceptual design reports on the instruments FXE and SQS have been published and are ready for download from our website.

  • Information on the subsidence 15 July 2011 | Construction news More
    DESY and the European XFEL have released a common website with information on the subsidence that was discovered above the tunnel route on 2 July 2011. The investigation of the subsidence is still ongoing.

  • Farewell with overtime 06 July 2011 | News More
    On 30 June 2011, the European XFEL GmbH said farewell to its administrative director Karl Witte—at least formally. Until the search for his successor has been definitely concluded, Karl Witte remains on duty.

  • Serving X-rays hot and coherent 30 June 2011 | Feature More
    Guiding sun-hot X-ray flashes from their source of origin to the experiment hall of the European XFEL is no easy feat. Harald Sinn’s group “X-ray Optics” ensures that this will run smoothly.

  • X-ray flashes revised 30 June 2011 | News More
    Thanks to recent developments, the design parameters of the European XFEL’s X-ray flashes can be improved. This will tune the light even more to the future users’ needs.

  • Topping-out ceremony for injector building 24 June 2011 | Construction news More
    It’s half-time for the construction of the injector complex: the first topping-out ceremony for one of the underground buildings of the European XFEL facility was celebrated on 22 June on the DESY-Bahrenfeld construction site.

  • Better bunches with PITZ 27 May 2011 | Feature More
    The electron source of the European XFEL must generate electron bunches of outstanding quality. Frank Stephan’s team at the photo injector test facility at DESY in Zeuthen (PITZ) works out how to achieve this feat.

  • Signing of a cooperation agreement in Brasília 09 May 2011 | News More
    In the presence of German President Christian Wulff and Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, the three directors of DESY, the European XFEL, and LNLS signed a cooperation agreement in Brasília on 5 May 2011.

  • A ride on TULA 19 April 2011 | Feature More
    Two tunnel boring machines are currently digging the tunnel system of the European XFEL. Our newsletter team paid one of them a visit.

  • Brazil's science minister visits European XFEL and DESY 06 April 2011 | News More
    Brazil’s Minister of Science and Technology, Aloízio Mercadante, visited DESY and the European XFEL and discussed possible cooperations for the future.

  • China's IHEP delivers undulator prototype 04 April 2011 | News More
    In the context of a long-time German-Chinese collaboration, the Institute of High Energy Physics (IHEP) in Beijing has built the first undulator segment for the European XFEL.

  • List of publications online 31 March 2011 | Announcement More
    In the future, all scientific publications that have been published in the context of the European XFEL will be listed on our website.

  • AMELI reaches first milestone 28 March 2011 | News More
    After almost 12 weeks, the tunnel boring machine AMELI broke through the wall of its first reception shaft. Schenefeld mayor Christiane Küchenhof greeted the team inside the reception shaft.

  • First Call for Expressions of Interest from User Consortia 24 March 2011 | News More
    The European XFEL GmbH issues a Call for Expressions of Interest for participating in the construction and financing of the scientific instruments of the European XFEL facility.

  • Two premieres for the accelerator construction 23 March 2011 | News More
    The first accelerator module assembled in Saclay and the first of three cryogenic test benches manufactured at the Budker Institute in Novosibirsk have arrived at DESY. They are now being prepared for testing.

  • Leibniz Prize: high distinction for committee member 16 March 2011 | News More
    Professor Pfeiffer, member of the European XFEL Scientific Advisory Committee, receives renowned Leibniz Prize.

  • A linear laser for non-linear science 25 February 2011 | Feature More
    In its science session, this year’s European XFEL Users’ Meeting focused on non-linear phenomena, a shy realm of nature onto which X-ray lasers like the European XFEL will shed new light.

  • External Diploma and PhD theses offer: MPI Munich (Germany) 23 February 2011 | Announcement More

  • Info point on tunnel construction at Osdorfer Born 22 February 2011 | News More
    On 22 February 2011, a European XFEL information point for local residents was opened in a shopping centre at Osdorfer Born.

  • Tunnel patroness Andreßen visits AMELI 21 February 2011 | News More
    State Secretary Andreßen makes sure all is well for the team of tunnel boring machine AMELI.

  • Terahertz flashes enable accurate X-ray measurements 02 February 2011 | News More
    Scientists devise a method to study processes with a precision of a few femtoseconds using high-intensity ultrashort X-ray pulses.

  • “Good science always finds applications.” 21 January 2011 | Feature More
    An interview with Chairman of the Management Board Massimo Altarelli about his job, the facility, politics, and international science.

  • Job offer: Laser Scientist (f/m) and Laser engineer/physicist (f/m) 21 January 2011 | Announcement More

  • Job offer: Physicist for calculations of photon fields (f/m) 20 January 2011 | Announcement More

  • Second tunnel boring machine AMELI powers up 12 January 2011 | Construction news More
    On 11 January 2011, the second tunnel boring machine powered up. It was christened on 21 December 2010 together with the tunnel sections it is to build.

  • Job offer: Software developer for DAQ and control (f/m) 07 January 2011 | Announcement More